“Stand up, be bold, be strong.
Take the whole responsibility
On your shoulders, and know
that you are the creator of
Your own Destiny.
All the strength and succor
You want is with yourselves.
Therefore, make your own future.”

We adopt an approach, which is right mix of tradition and modern education techniques, of strong value system and career approach. Giving the students the best of both worlds, so that they develop into complete human beings, not just students, ready to face the world. Our focus is to impart education which ensures that our students attain a variety of skills needed to excel in their chosen Pharmacy Career. Excellence is an ever moving target. He who spends his life in the pursuit of excellence will grow and move forward. A young students is like a closed parachute. He has great abilities but he has never pulled the string and compelled himself to open out his folded abilities. The primary focus of our Educational Programme is to impart to young minds, a well balanced mix theories and concepts that relate well to the practicalities of the global scenario. We shall endeavor to produce the best result from the available resources, leading to excellence and brightest careers for our students. Let the entire fraternity of students of Abhinav Education Society s Pharmacy College, Emulate the thoughts of Swami Vivekanand

Mr. Rajeev Jagtap

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